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Product No: 428100
Product size: 1
Box Content: 6
Product Name: SONAX Microfibre sponge
Product Description: Large format sponge with two different sides for thorough manual vehicle washing. The long chenille fibres are highly absorbent, retain lots of water and allow the shampoo to foam excellently. The smooth side aids the removal of stuck on grime such as insect residues.
How to use: Dissolve the shampoo (e.g. SONAX Gloss shampoo) in a bucket of
warm water
- Dunk the sponge several times and wring it out again so that plenty
of foam can form
- Wash the vehicle with plenty of shampoo, often wringing out the
sponge in the bucket
- After use, wash out with warm water, wring out and leave to dry

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