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Product No: 435300
Product size: 400 ml
Box Content: 6
Product Name: SONAX Tyre Care
Product Description: Cleans dirty tyres and restores the original deep black sheen to weather-worn tyres. Cares for the
rubber and keeps it supple, protects it against cracking.
The foam attaches itself to the dirt and dissolves it-the dirt flows away together with the foam as it
breaks down.
How to use: 1- Shake can well before use.
2- Clean heavily soiled tyres first with shampoo.
3- Spray evenly onto tyres from a distance of about 20cm (8 in). Take care not to spray the floor (danger of slipping). Cover floor with newspaper etc.
4- Allow to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
5- Wipe with clean dry cloth, if required.

Please note:
- Do not spray onto brakes or onto tyre tread.
- Product is not suitable for use on motor bikes or bicycles.
- Do not use on hot tyres and in direct sunlight.
About: Emulsion of silicones in water.

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