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Product No: 514100
Product size: 250 ml
Box Content: 12
Product Name: SONAX Octane Power
Product Description: Formulated to raise the octane rating of leaded and unleaded fuels. Provides instant improvement in
engine power. Prevents engine damage caused by pinging. Gives petrol the octane boost for smooth,
no-knock combustion. Provides valve-seat recession protection and high powered performance for
hard-driving times. Lowers petrol consumption Properties:
- Increases the Research Octane Number by 2 to 3 units.
- Does not contain lead components or alcohol.
- Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.
- Safe for use in turbo-charged engines.
How to use: 1- Add complete contents of bottle into petrol tank, preferably before filling up.
About: Blend of hydrocarbons.

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